Literary Masterpiece

Cherry wood meets bead board panels in the custom-built library in Lakeville.

About The Project

Project: “Lakeville Library”

Project goal: Bring back the old “study” while blending all of the architectural elements of the home together. Because the study is located between the foyer and the formal dining room, we created a “neutral zone” that would allow the homeowner to stage guests as they enter or leave the home or as they filter into the formal dining room. This allows everyone a comfortable place for light conversation before and after gatherings. Our only fear was that it would work so well that we would have a hard time getting the guests either into the dining room or out of the house.

Key features: Cherry wood meets bead board paneling. Cherry wood darkens rapidly. To prevent that we conditioned the wood prior to finishing to “freeze” the color in time. We then glazed that color into a natural cherry bead board to bring out the definition in both wood pieces. Textured paints and a brilliant gas fireplace complete with back lighting and multi-flame log set. This library also has areas under windows where a person can sit and page through the classics.


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Kent Myers