10 Current Kitchen Design Trends

The Roberts’ Residential Remodeling design team is always on the lookout for the latest kitchen design trends to share with our Twin Cities kitchen remodeling clients.  As we head into the second half of 2024, we’ve collected some of the best ideas we’re excited about.

Layered Lighting

While bright daylight bulbs are often chosen for task lighting, you can layer in other styles and fixtures.  Consider pendants over the island and sconces over windows or flanking the range.  Recessed lighting or small flush mounts are great for the ceiling.  Lighting cabinet interiors creates an enhanced experience, allowing for better engagement with the contents of the cabinet space. 

Stained Wood Cabinets

Wood tones are back.  While the white cabinet trend is still hanging around, they tend to be hard to keep clean and challenging to personalize.  Natural wood gives warmth to a kitchen.  Incorporating wood beams in the ceiling and water-resistant wood floors adds to the warm, lived-in feel. 

Hard-working sinks

Considering that doing the dishes takes nearly the same amount of time as actually making the meal, sinks could stand to work a little harder than they already do.  Workstation sinks have separate stations for washing fruits and vegetables, cutting and chopping, and washing and drying dishes.  This creates more space to prep fruits and vegetables in the sink and reduces the mess while creating more workspace. 

 Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking is getting smarter and sleeker.  Cooktops are easily integrated into the countertop for a cleaner surface.  Induction cooktops heat fast and cool quickly, so are great for families with young kids.  They are also quite precise, allowing for a range of temperatures from boiling to warming. 

Pull-Out Appliances

Re-think what your refrigerator could be.  Instead of one hulking appliance, why not a few different focused drawers spaced throughout the kitchen?  Fridge drawers are more popular than ever as a place to keep waters, seltzers, sodas and anything else a family might want to grab and go.  Dishwasher drawers are becoming a popular option as well.  Two dishwasher drawers can replace the standard dishwasher, but many times they are being added in addition to standard dishwashers to areas like beverage stations and home bars.  They are ideal for smaller loads and quick washes. 

Drawers in lieu of lower cabinets

Replacing lower cabinets with pull out drawers makes accessing your plates, pots and pans so much easier.  Just pull out the drawer to see the entire contents on the shelf.  No more crawling around on your knees to see what’s in the back of the cabinet.

Minimal Backsplashes

Grout lines can be a pain to keep clean in the kitchen.  By continuing the countertop material onto the backsplash, you can create a clean, crisp feel and can show off that beautiful product!

Smart Ovens

Speed ovens, air fryers and new light-based cooking are replacing microwaves because appliances need to be more than fast, they need to be smart. 

Functional Islands

Kitchen islands should be more than just additional prep space.  Adding additional features can increase the functionality of the island:  incorporate a workstation sink, add smarter storage, increase the size to accommodate more seating.  Consider wrapping the seating around the end of the island in lieu of putting all the seating on one side. 

Built-in and Hidden Kitchen Tools

Closed storage is making a comeback.  Appliance garages, hidden drawers, integrated step stools, charging drawers, hidden pet food storage and feeding stations and the sneaky toe-kick storage are all worth considering for your kitchen remodel.

Start your kitchen remodel today!

As your preparing for your kitchen remodel, make a list of the kitchen features that you most want to incorporate in your design.  We’ll walk you through the design process and help you design the kitchen you’ve always wanted.  Our team at Roberts’ Residential Remodeling has decades of experience designing kitchens of all sizes.  We look forward to working with you!