Our Design Process

Let our design team bring your home remodeling vision to life

Our Home Remodeling Design Process

Our creative design professionals put our clients at the center of the home remodeling design process, listening to their remodeling ideas, understanding their financial objectives and most importantly, embracing their vision for their home and family.  At each stage of the design and construction process, our project manager meets with homeowners and keeps them informed of all aspects of their projects.

Our process includes four important stages.  Clients are actively engaged in the project throughout each phase.

Phase 1: Initial Consultation

During Phase 1, our design staff meets with homeowners to discuss:

  • The needs of the family
  • The homeowners’ vision and ideas
  • Design ideas born from our many years of experience
  • Financial objectives
  • Desired schedule for the project
Phase 2: Budget Proposal

Using the information gathered in Phase 1, we will:

  • Create a comprehensive budget in the order of construction
  • Schedule ideas for the project
  • Propose financial solutions
  • Present a retainer agreement
Phase 3: Design

Our creative team goes into high gear, creating the overall design and making initial material recommendations. But design does not stop here! Based on our nearly 40 years of design and build experience, we will also offer recommendations for:

  • Complete exteriors and architectural influences (this makes for a seamless improvement)
  • Complete fixtures such as plumbing, lighting, hardware, accessories, etc.
  • Color, lets mix and match
  • Texture such as floor coverings, surfaces, tiles and millworks
  • Furnishings, interior and exterior layouts

Phase 3 concludes with the design review meeting, where we’ll discuss the overall design and make final material and finish choices. Once final design has been established a comprehensive building contract will be fine-tuned so that the homeowner and the contractor have complete clarity and understanding of all building phases.

Phase 4: Construction

The project comes to life during the construction phase.  Homeowners will meet their construction pros and the project will start shortly after all applicable building permits have been approved.  During construction, our project manager will provide frequent updates and engage homeowners in any and all intermediate decisions.

Together with a:

  • Realistic budget
  • Comprehensive construction drawings
  • Detailed building contract
  • Mutually agreed upon schedule
  • Continual communication

….we can make your vision become a reality!

home remodeling design process

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