When planning for your Spring remodel, you have probably considered updating some of your current living spaces such as the kitchen or living room. These areas are essential hubs for hosting and entertainment, but what about outside?

Here in Minnesota, the warmer weather months are incredibly valuable, but with them can come cool nights and unsavory insects. Considering a three-season porch addition can be an affordable extension to your home creating additional space for fun and entertainment, while being able to enjoy the outdoors year round.

So Much Potential!

There are two primary ways homeowners chose to go about adding a three-season addition. Often times, there is an underused porch begging for new life which can be easily converted into a new living space. Other times, a new addition is required to create the perfect outdoor space. If you are wondering whether your current open porch is able to be converted, feel free to contact us to find out.

Lighting, Heat & Flooring Considerations

Other add-ons to your new space that can transform it from an ordinary porch to a valued, usable space are windows and heat. For lighting, natural light is the most efficient and desirable way to make your new space glow. Half height windows all the way around bring in lots of light and scenery, but even more can be achieved with floor to ceiling options. These have many applications for screens in all different shapes and sizes, and can make the difference in creating a well-ventilated, usable space. Sunlights are also an option. Pending the size and structure of your three-season porch, there are numerous options for adding natural light flow through the roof of your space.

Heating efficiently and affectively is also something many like to consider to extend the season of their space. Fireplaces are on option, as well as a wood burning stove which can double as a cooking mechanism vented through the roof. Another efficient option is heat lamps, which can be easily installed in the ceiling or corners of the space.

Flooring is another thing to consider. Many choose to go with the classic wood flooring, for which there are many options – new or recycled. But additionally, tile or all season carpeting are other viable alternatives.

Contact Us to Find Out More!

Really, the possibilities are endless! Creating a space that works best for you and your family is what it’s all about, and we would love to help you make your dreams a reality. Contact us today for more details, or to schedule your free consultation.