Millwork isn’t always first on your mind for remodeling trends, but it has much to lend to new home projects. When considering millwork styles, think cabinet facings, hinges, materials, paints vs. stain, hardware, moulding, built-ins, mantles, etc. Here are styles we are seeing in our Twin Cities home remodeling projects in 2018:

  • Mid-Century Modern: This sleek post-war era design style is a contemporary take on minimalism and versatility. Play with patterns and outdoor elements, and have fun!
    • Think: Subtle materials, color – usually painted, modern doors using oak, glass and patterns. These pair well with futuristic light fixtures and geometric tile patterns.
  • Scandinavian: Relying on nature and practicality, this trend proves to be a purposeful approach to using natural elements. Think about using natural light, light wood, and neutral colors.
    • Think: Light wood cabinets, trim and flooring, neutral colors, light pine, paneled, or maple wood doors. The feeling is open and bright.
  • Classic Revival: Designed with the highest quality in mind, this style celebrates roots and heritage by honoring and preserving architectural details. Make your home feel like a piece of history!
    • Think: Mahogany and other hardwoods for cabinets, trim and flooring, timeless tones, multi-paneled doors. Grand lighting fixtures and deep wall colors accent these wood elements for an elegant, impressive look.

The custom woodwork pieces we create in-house can bring warmth, elegance and grace to any of your living areas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your favorite style to life in your next home remodeling project.