In these unprecedented times, staying home means we are all cooking from home and storing more groceries. It certainly creates more quality time with family, but it can also have people wondering how to use their storage spaces (pantry, cupboards, countertops, etc.) more effectively.  To help ease that stress, we’ve put together some tips and tricks for making the best use of your space and planning for the future.

The Pantry:

If you have a pantry, one organizational pro tip is grouping like items together for easy access. Keep the things the kids use most at their height and keep items only used by you higher on the shelves and at eye level so you can easily find them. Now is the time also to be sure there are not unneeded items in your pantry space. If there are, and they are in the way, it is time to find them a new home where they are not interfering with you or your loved ones.

The Cupboard:

Our Pantry tips apply to cupboards, too. Group like items together, and don’t store anything in your food space that doesn’t need to be there – it just makes it more cluttered. If you have opened boxes of cereal or bags of chips, be sure to properly seal them and keep them toward the front to avoid food waste.

The Countertop: 

Clean, clean, clean and clean again. This is one of the most touched surfaces in your home and it is seeing much more use than ever. Clear any non-essential items to keep it free and clear for cooking, homework and more. And leave items you are using frequently out and in easy access, such as the french press, veggie peeler, cutting board, etc.

The Future:

We understand that all of this additional kitchen use is maybe making you think about amenities you wish you had. More storage, better lighting, better countertops, different appliances, and more. Know that when you are ready to make those changes, we are here for you. Our custom millwork shop can create the perfect pieces specifically for your home, and we work with some of the best contractors in the region to meet all of your needs, on your budget, and to your plans.

Contact us today to start making plans for your dream kitchen.