Bathroom remodeling is second only to kitchen remodeling in value and importance.  A renovated bathroom improves family harmony and creates a welcome retreat from the rat race.  If you decide to sell your home, a well-planned bathroom remodel should at least be able return the money you invest.

When considering the types of improvements to make, you should start with a list of items that require immediate attention as well as those that cause functional problems. Here is a partial list of things worth considering:

Shower, Bathtub or Both?

Separate showers and bathtubs can be a wonderful addition to a luxurious bath suite.  At the same time, not all homes have sufficient space.  We have years of experience creating inviting bathrooms for both small and large homes.  We can help homeowners think through the new codes and regulations for bathrooms and find the best way to optimize existing spaces.


Countertop space is critical to a functional bathroom.  Adequate counter space makes a bathroom a pleasure to spend time in.  Double sinks make it easier for more than one person to get ready for work, school or date night.  We’ll help you plan the best use of space for your family’s needs.


Storage is very important so make sure that you have enough of it. Pedestal sinks certainly look great but can create storage challenges.  Thanks to our in-house millwork shop, we can create unique custom cabinet space without adding significant costs.

We have years of experience creating luxurious bathrooms in homes of all sizes.  Bring us your bathroom remodeling ideas and let us help you design your dream bath suite.

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