9 Keys to Good Laundry Room Design

A well-designed laundry room combines the functional needs of doing laundry with stylish details that make the chore more enjoyable.  That may include mixing drying rods and countertops with patterned flooring and soothing paint colors.  Consider the following design ideas as you start planning your laundry room remodeling project.

  1. Organization
    • Prioritize a functional layout.
    • Utilize wall space for cabinets or shelves.
    • Group similar items into bins.
    • Label bins and containers.
    • Allow space for laundry baskets.
    • Create a folding station.
    • Create storage and easy access to ironing board.
    • Design a space for mismatched socks.
    • Build a system to separate whites from darks.
  1. Windows
    • Add or enlarge windows to allow for natural light and fresh air.
    • If no wall space is available for a window, consider a skylight.
  1. Lighting
    • Add ample overhead lighting, including a light over the sink.
    • Include undercabinet task lighting if using upper cabinets.
  1. Location
    • Consider moving the laundry room to the floor where the bedrooms are located.
    • Place washer and dryer on an outside wall for easy venting.
  1. Specialized Sinks
    • If you have dogs, you may want to consider adding a pet washing station with an eight-foot flexible hose.
    • Sink size and style will depend on your needs. You may want a large laundry tub for washing oversized items or maybe you just need a small sink for hand washing.
    • Add a pullout sprayer to the sink for cleaning convenience.
  1. Finishes
    • Create mood with dark cabinets or brighten up with white cabinets.
    • Glass tile backsplash and quartz tops can lighten the vibe.
    • Add patterns in the window treatment and rug for texture.
    • Update the flooring to tie the room together.
  1. Multi-Functional Storage/Mudroom
    • Add hooks for sports equipment, hats, jackets.
    • Build in locker storage for family members.
    • Include shoe racks to keep everyone organized.
  1. Maximize Storage
    • Add hanging rod space to for clean laundry.
    • Utilize vertical space for cabinets.
    • Add fold out drying racks.
    • Create specific area for cleaning products.
    • Add platforms with drawers underneath your washer and dryer.
  1. Flood Prevention
    • Replace washer hoses on older machines.
    • Install shut-off valves at the washing machine.
    • Install a floor drain for extra protection in case of a leak or flood.

While a laundry room has a very specific function, it often serves more than one purpose.  Understanding how the space will be used and what types of things will be stored there are key components to a successful laundry room design.  When you’re ready to update your Twin Cities laundry room to increase the function while giving a face lift, Roberts’ Residential Remodeling is ready to help.  Our seasoned team will design a beautiful and functional space to meet your individual needs.  We look forward to working with you soon!