Lower levels can be as much as 15 degrees cooler than main floors in many homes.  That difference in temperature can make the basement a cool place to relax all summer long.

Lower levels are built for casual family fun.  In the heat of the day, while the kids are on summer break, the basement becomes a perfect game room.  Movie nights are cool and fun in a theater room.  And when friends drop by, a lower level bar is ideal for a cool, comfy happy hour.

Basement remodeling projects can include challenges, though.  The lower temperatures common in most basements mean that extra insulation may be required to keep temperatures comfortable in winter.

Humidity can be a problem, as well.  Drywall and carpeting can be damaged by consistent exposure to high humidity levels.  Depending on the relative humidity in your basement, a dehumidifier may be required to keep your new basement in great shape.

Airborne water may not be the only moisture challenge in new lower level projects.  Condensation and seeping water through the foundation can cause real damage to walls and floor coverings.  A worst-case scenario could include flooding in heavy rainstorms.

These conditions are not insurmountable problems, though.  Before we begin your basement remodel, our design experts will carefully evaluate the temperature and humidity in your basement.  They will also inspect the foundation for any signs of leaking, poor exterior drainage or flooding.  We can work with basements in all conditions.  Regardless of your basement’s challenges, we can create a fantastic new family living space.  Give our design team a call today to start your basement remodel.