A good kitchen design gives everybody – including the kids – a place to participate in family cooking traditions. When you are thinking about a kitchen remodel, there are more things than ever to consider when it comes to functionality and efficiency for the whole family. What do you prioritize? Work spaces? Storage? Open sightlines? Here are some considerations:

  • Workspaces: Working and schooling from home is part of our current reality, and will be for many moving forward. Having a kitchen space that fulfills some of those needs is not only a reasonable request, but an efficient one that allows for separation with inclusion. Think about:
    • A kitchen island with lots of countertop space. This can be used double-duty for both work and dining.
    • An addition to your kitchen to allow for more space for both work, activities and of course, cooking!
  • Storage: Storage is an essential piece to any functional space. Not only is room for dishes and other necessities important, having a place to put work and school tools, gardening gear and more are also considerations. Here’s what to think about:
    • Special desk-like shelving underneath a kitchen island for work/school supplies
    • Custom-built cabinets for large or bulky items, like mixers, baking trays and don’t forget the spice rack. We can make anything to fit your needs in our in-house millwork shop.
    • Custom storage in your transition spaces between the front entry and the kitchen, or the back entry / backyard and the kitchen.
  • Open Sightlines: Although you want some separation between your work and living spaces, open sightlines are also a nice feature to keep a close eye on kids of all ages. Let us help you create an open kitchen by:
    • Transitioning walls by either tearing them down or making half walls
    • Utilizing unused spaces for workspaces or storage that are offset
    • Adding windows, lighting, colors and more to open up your space for everyone to use.

Let us help you create your most useful and functional kitchen to date, for your life now and into the future. Contact us today!