As Summer arrives in the Twin Cities, our thoughts turn to spending time outdoors.  This has us dreaming of the perfect outdoor room for dining, lounging, entertaining and even working.  Outdoor room ideas are very similar to the ideas that go into creating an indoor room or addition.  Those ideas rely on the form and function of the desired space.

Eat, Work and Play – Outside

Outdoor rooms typically include a dining area and lounging space for family members and guests.  That means formal seating space – and informal lounge space.  Both types of seating can be built-in or free-standing.  Built-in benches can maximize the available relaxing space around the perimeter of the room.  They can also add much-needed storage space for garden tools, cushions and other outdoor necessities.  In our Minnesota climate, a fire pit or fireplace can extend the use of your outdoor room farther into spring and fall – making it a truly “three-season” space.

Outdoor rooms can also include handy workspaces for cooking and beverage storage and preparation.  A grill is an absolute necessity.  Nothing tastes better than a grilled dinner on a warm summer evening.  Aspiring chefs may also want a wood-fired pizza grill to complete their outdoor cooking suite.  Frequent entertainers will benefit from a bar station with a beverage fridge, built-in ice chest or even a full wet-bar with a unique copper sink that improves with age.

Key Ingredients For Every Outdoor Room

Outdoor room designs begin with the deck or patio.  The “floor” of your outdoor room sets the foundation for both the function and the style of the room.  Many choices exist, including natural looking man-made wood products.  Read more about those choices in our previous blog post here.  Seating decisions are the next most important choices to make.  We can create unique built-in seating options that make the most of the available space.  Lighting and shade are also crucial considerations.  Afternoon sun can be very hot, especially if your outdoor room will be on the south or west sides of your home.  We’ll consider shading as we create your space.  These are a few of the important choices you’ll make as you design your outdoor room with us.

We’ve created many wonderful home extensions through outdoor rooms.  Call our design team today to learn more about how we can transform your outdoor spaces into a relaxing outdoor room.