There are many milestones in life – getting that big job, owning your first home, having your first child, sending your last child out into the world, and then retiring – ideally in the home you have built and maintained.

Families go through the first part of their life together building their homes for the life and abundance of multiple inhabitants. But, at the beginning of any exciting new chapter – that of an empty nester or an aging adult – turning your home into your own can take time. Creating a safe, efficient, and comfortable space for you or a loved one is not only doable, but easy.

New Empty-nester

Many have spent their entire adult life creating and customizing their home to fit their growing and aging families. As you send your last child out into the world, there can be a feeling of emptiness around the home – unused bedrooms, bathrooms, and belongings. Here are some ideas for reclaiming your home:

  • Turn old bedrooms or activity spaces into home offices, craft rooms or exercise spaces just for you. – Refurbish your child’s old bathroom into a guest bathroom or another one for you.
  • Install custom cabinets in a basement or old bedroom to organize a room and store keepsakes.
  • Remodel your kitchen and create the custom chef’s kitchen you have always wanted.
  • Add a sunroom addition for outdoor enjoyment with comfort as you grow older.

Aging In Place

Help yourself or someone you love postpone downsizing or entering an assisted living facility before it’s necessary. Moving is not only expensive, but incredibly stressful. Here are some alternatives to allow you to stay in your space longer:

  • A bathroom remodel with a larger door, accessible shower or tub and toilet, and handlebars on the walls and door frames to move with ease.
  • If stairs are an issue for your exterior, removing them and adding ramps, opening doorways, and increasing the ease of flow can be done.
  • A kitchen remodel can open the floor area, lower counters and cooking spaces, and make it more efficient and accessible.
  • Another beneficial install to the home can be an emergency system to call for help in the case of a fall or other medical concern.

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