Many owners of older homes would love to create a luxurious spa oasis, but don’t have the space in their main and upper floors – or the budget to expand the home’s footprint.  The answer may be right under your feet – literally.  A bathroom in the basement can be added without adding square footage to the exterior footprint of the home.

Physical Considerations

Basements can be a wonderful place to create the spa you’ve been dreaming of, but there are some structural elements that need to be accommodated.  Existing plumbing is an important one.  Often, placing a basement bathroom below an existing bathroom can help reduce the cost of new plumbing.  Wiring and electrical infrastructure should be considered as well.  The new bathroom must meet new building codes, even if the rest of the house does not.  Ventilation is another critical aspect of the new room.  Without proper venting, a basement bathroom can be very damp.

Spa Features

A basement bathroom can be more spacious than an upper floor bathroom – allowing homeowners to add creativity and luxury to the new room.  Whirlpool tubs, showers with multiple jets, saunas and heated floors are common amenities in new basement bathrooms.  Other unique accessories can include furniture-style cabinetry, vanities and accent pieces.  Older homeowners often enjoy a shower seat.  They make great storage areas but also offer a relaxing shower experience.

Our design team has helped homeowners add relaxing, luxurious spa bathrooms to many basements.  Call us today to find out how we can create an oasis in your home.