Every year, countless homeowners make plans to create something new out of old basements.  Not everyone is successful though. To avoid frustration and false starts, it’s important to have a vision.

Know What You Want

The first real step is to throw away traditional concepts of basements. A basement does not have to be a dark, dank storage area.  Done well, a lower level can be a wonderful extra space with real potential.  A basement can be a place a whole can enjoy and love to constantly visit.

Once a homeowner is resolved to create a beautiful living space, the next question is, “What kind of space do I want to add?”  Every member of the family should be involved in this conversation. Some of the common ideas for remodeling include:

  • Game room with mini bar
  • Extra bedroom or guest room with bathroom
  • Soundproof music room
  • Gym or workout room
  • Office or study area
  • Children’s playroom or activity area
  • Theater room or second living room

These are only some of the possible basement remodeling ideas homeowners have created. It’s easy to create a single themed room or to mix and match several elements for a more versatile living space. What is important is that the homeowners have a vision before beginning the project

Let Us Help

Some homeowners think remodeling can be done without hiring professionals. Throwing in a few couches and rugs is an entirely different story from reworking an entire area, though. Homeowners often encounter challenging basement problems such as low ceilings, exposed plumbing, damp walls and poor lighting.  These are aspects that we have safely and efficiently dealt with in many projects.

We can help assess the feasibility of remodeling ideas. Not all plans will fit the existing state, structure or space of a basement.  We can help make your dreams work seamlessly with your available space.

One other important role we play is to evaluate your budget. Before beginning your project, you would most likely already have an amount set aside for it.  We can help you identify the costs for your vision and help find ways to create your dream basement and stay within your budget.

Your great basement remodeling ideas don’t have to turn into nightmares. You can make an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable space out of a dark and forgotten basement.  Let us help you create your vision for your perfect lower level.