Basements are often the most important storage area in our homes.  Yet, they often lack sufficient storage space or aesthetic appeal in the storage plan.  A finished basement and downstairs storage are not mutually exclusive.  With the right planning, we can create attractive, convenient storage options.

The Big 4 Basement Storage Ideas

Under the Staircase

Staircases create “dead space” that offer a perfect opportunity for extra storage.  Shelves and a door make a perfect closet space for infrequently used items like holiday decorations or seasonal sporting equipment.  Pull out cabinet doors can maximize the storage space in a unique way.


Basements often have nooks and crannies that can be framed as closets.  These closets can offer convenient access to frequently used items like toys and games, or they can be tucked away and used for less frequently-used items like seasonal clothes.


Basements are generally “activity areas” and built-ins can be a perfect way to store and display toys, games, books, entertainment equipment and media – and even family photos, art or other special treasures.  Cabinets around the perimeter of the space can hold books and even built-in seating with storage space under the seat or in a storage bench.   A fireplace surround can also include built-in shelving.  The most common types of built-in storage are:

  • Bookshelves  – Not just for books, bookshelves are quite functional and provide plenty of extra storage space.
  • Media Centers – Big screen TVs, speakers, DVD players, cable boxes and stereos and their accessories – DVDs, CDs, computer games, all require space. Built-in media units are the best for storing electronics and hiding wires.

Toy Storage

Children’s toy storage should be designed from the child’s perspective.  Options include toy chests (with safety latches), bins and drawers (in built-ins) and closets for larger items.  Bins and drawers should be placed at kid-height so there’s no need to stand on stools or other furniture to reach them.

It’s easy to add storage into a new basement remodeling project.  As our design team starts your project, be sure to tell them the kinds of storage needs you have and we’ll create elegant, convenient storage for your family.