One of the biggest questions we hear during bathroom remodeling projects is, “Pedastal Sink or Vanity?” The answer depends on three key criteria: Space. Storage. Style.


Pedestal sinks typically occupy less space in a bathroom, making them ideal for smaller spaces like powder rooms. Vanities can be small, too, and the added counter space may be useful if your powder room doubles as a guest bathroom.

Advantage: Pedestal Sinks


Vanities offer significant storage space, especially if you have a long cabinet with two sinks in your design. These cabinets let you store cleaning supplies, toilet paper and extra bath linens out of sight. Pedestal sinks don’t allow for hidden storage underneath. Many homeowners choose to include a medicine cabinet, closet or other wall storage options to manage bathroom necessities.

Advantage: Vanities


This one’s more complex. Pedestal sinks offer an elegant, sleek look to many bathrooms, especially small rooms where vanities would overwhelm the space. Vanities offer the warmth of wood and can make a bold contemporary statement or create a classic, timeless look. The size and design theme for the room should dictate the choice of pedestal vs. vanity sinks.

Advantage: Tie

Pedestals and vanities are central showpieces in any bathroom remodel. Space and storage considerations frequently cast the deciding vote in this important selection. Both types of fixtures can complement either a contemporary or classic bathroom design. In this case, form follows function. Consider carefully how you’ll use your new bathroom – and choose your sink wisely. Our Twin Cities design team has helped many homeowners navigate this important choice. Call them today to learn how they can help you make the most of your new bathroom space.