Bathroom remodel design planning

Dark, cramped and outdated bathrooms are a thing of the past, with open, airy and spa-inspired spaces taking their place.  Including a bathroom addition or upgrade with your next remodeling project can elevate your homes’ style and add value to your property. Our experienced Twin Cities team will help you transform your space into the oasis you’ve been dreaming about.  From clever bathroom storage and chic tiles to designing a new layout and footprint, our designers consider every detail.  Ready to design your new bathroom?  Here are a few things to consider as you embark on your bathroom remodeling project.

  1. Reinvigorate dark spaces with a brighter color scheme. Replace dark wood cabinets with lighter stained wood cabinets.  Brighten the walls with a lighter paint color or colorful wallpaper.  Add or upgrade light fixtures to improve overall task and general light in the space.  Enlarge the mirror over the sink to bounce light around the room.
  2. Large open space in a bathroom may provide lots of room to move around but lack utility and can appear cold and barren without the proper finishes. We can reconfigure the space, taking it from barren to beautiful.  Utilize any excessive floor space by installing a soaking tub or vanity with a bench. White cabinets with warm tones on the floor will transform the space into a spa.
  3. Storage is a key component to a successful bathroom design.  Get rid of your old clunky vanity and replace it with a custom designed cabinet that holds everything you need, creating a practical and beautiful space.  Having adequate drawer space and shelving for linens is a common request.  An outlet inside the drawer for your hair dryer is a great convenience.  Consider how you’ll use the space and what types of storage would make your life easier.  Knowing this will help your designer create the perfect storage solution.
  4. Redesign the space for how you use the space. Do you have a tub that you don’t use?  Consider removing the tub and installing a large walk-in shower.  Add shower benches and rain showerheads for a more spa-like experience.  A shower niche large enough to hold shampoo bottles keeps everything neat and tidy.  We’ll help you maximize the space to fit your lifestyle.
  5. If your bathroom is a bit on the lackluster side, it’s time to update. Outdated tile and a lack of lighting are sure signs that you’re in need of a change.  Brighten up the space with beautiful light fixtures and framed mirrors.  A white or light-colored countertop will reflect light and make the space feel more open. 
  6. Does your layout leave something to be desired? Impractical layouts chop up the space and impede the flow of the space.   Removing walls can open the space and offer a clutter-free, sophisticated and purposeful space.  If possible, introduce windows to flood the space with natural light. 
  7. Will you be aging in place? Showers without doors, walk-in curbless showers are perfect options.  Curbless showers are modern and stylish, yet practical as you age.  They allow easy access without stepping over a curb and are also wheelchair accessible if the width and depth of the shower are designed with this in mind. 
  8. Frameless shower doors are worth the extra cost. Since they don’t have trim, there are fewer places for mold and dirt to build up.

As you consider your bathroom remodeling project, decide what is most important to your family in terms of how they use the bathroom space.  Make a list of your top 5 must haves.  This will get you well on your way to determining the type of space that will work best for you.  Our designers will turn these must-haves into reality.   Turning your lackluster bathroom into a spa-like retreat is just a phone call away.  Roberts’ Residential Remodeling is ready to tackle your toughest Minnesota bathroom remodeling project.