Closets are often the last space homeowners think about when considering a remodeling project, yet they are among the most important spaces in the home.  There’s not much that’s more frustrating than a poorly designed and organized closet.  We’ve assembled a few suggestions that can help you create functional, convenient closets in your next remodel.

Know What You Wear – And How You Get Dressed

Do you fold your shirts or hang them?  Do you fold your socks or roll them?  Do you put your watch or other jewelry on while you’re dressing or after you’re fully dressed?  All of these questions can affect the layout of your closets.  If you fold shirts, more drawers are helpful.  If you put on accessories as you dress, it will be helpful to have your jewelry near your clothing.  Knowing your dressing habits can make the design process smooth and enjoyable.  Of course, it never hurts to do a little purge before you re-design.

Claim Your Space

It’s possible for men and women to share a closet.  Really.  But having a “his side” and a “her side” is important.  Both partners in a couple have their own dressing habits and favorite clothes.  That doesn’t mean that all things are created equal, though.  Usually, women get more shelves, but men need space too.  For example, men’s shoes are usually longer and wider than women’s shoes.  So even though a guy might have fewer pairs of shoes, they may take up as much space as his partner’s.

Use Your Space Wisely

Your favorite, most-frequently worn clothes and accessories should be within arms reach.  Accessories create clutter, so belts, shoes and purses should have dedicated storage systems in the closet.  If you have high ceilings, you can add extra shelving for seasonal storage or even a third hanging rod for less-used clothes.

Build In Visibility

Being able to see all your socks, ties, and underwear (versus only the top layer) gives you real choices when you get dressed.   See-through wire bins, acrylic- or glass-fronted drawers, drawers with dividers, and belt and tie racks all help keep items organized.  Lighting is critical to any closet design.  Dressing in the dark is no fun!  And of course, a full-length mirror allows you to see your entire outfit before you leave the house.

These simple ideas can help make your new closet a convenient, easy place to get dressed and store your favorite clothes.  Be sure to discuss your closet needs with our design team when it’s time to design your new space.