Many basements become playrooms by default.  Why not design a unique, creative play space for the kids that brings their imaginations to life?  Kids love to have their own spaces.  A playroom in the lower level gives them the perfect place for projects, playtime or just “hanging out”.

Kid Size It

Adult rooms can be overwhelming, especially for young children.  High shelves, tall furniture and big storage containers make kids feel like they’re living in the land of giants.  A kids’ playroom really shines when built-in bookcases and shelving units are built at kid height.  Kid-sized tables and other furniture make it easy for kids to sit, stand or lay around comfortably.

Keep It Comfy

Plush furniture and cozy flooring keep kids comfy and safe.  Carpeting or cork flooring are warm under bare feet and make the floor an inviting place to lie down with a good book.  Overstuffed chairs and a stuffed animal will keep kids company for hours.  These design elements also help keep young kids from skinning knees and bumping elbows on hard surfaces.

Make A Secret Space

Every kid has made a “fort” with blankets pillows and furniture.  A corner of a fun playroom can be transformed into a built-in castle, playhouse or just a simple cubbyhole with a curtain where kids can dream up big adventures, play hide and seek or just curl up for a nap.


Every kid dreams of their secret hideaway.  A lower level playroom can make that dream a reality.  Call our design department today to start designing your kids’ castle.