A master suite makes a perfect place to escape the craziness of your day. A well-appointed master suite can be a relaxing refuge and a cozy place to curl up.

If you have the space, making an addition to your home’s square footage can give you bonus space on other floors, as well as creating the perfect master suite. Not every home enjoys that kind of space, though. Homeowners with smaller properties need to be a little more creative with their space allocation. Some homes have under-utilized or unused spaces that can be converted. Consider incorporating an extra bathroom or a rarely used guest room into your new master suite. An unfinished basement can be a great place for a new suite, too. A middle approach is to build up instead of out. Adding another story to your home can create an ideal master suite space without adding to the home’s footprint.

Here are a few simple tips to create the perfect master suite.

  • Keep it simple. An open, uncluttered space makes your master suite soothing and inviting. Don’t add too much or excessively large furniture.
  • Break up the space. A seating area or reading nook can break up your space and add a cozy place to relax in addition to the bed.
  • Use warm, light colors. Warm neutral colors make master suites feel light, open and airy.
  • Add a little privacy. Most master suites incorporate a bathroom area. A separated dressing area can provide a discreet place to dress and get ready for your day without cluttering the rest of the suite.
  • Don’t forget the storage. Closet space is one of the most important parts of any master suite design. Any master suite layout should ensure adequate convenient closet space.

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