You are your family’s Chef – cooking skills not required.  In your home, and in your kitchen, you feel as though you are in the eye of the hurricane of your family’s ever busy and hectic lives.  Cooking hearty, nourishing meals for your family is a job in and of itself.  But, aside from the occasional stress that life brings, you, and your kitchen, are the epicenter of the home.  It’s where everyone comes to spend time with you, do homework, a craft project, and of course, enjoying the fuel for sustaining life.

For all of these reasons, kitchen remodels are often the first projects budding families take on.  Having a large, functional, and comfortable space for everyone to carry on their business is important in today’s busy world.  Aside from space, having a place to cook healthy, nutritious meals in a clean, efficient fashion is equally as important.  Cue the Chef’s Kitchen.

10 Key Features of a Chef’s Kitchen:

  1. Ample, spacious counter space. For you, for food, and for the family stuff.
  2. Different kitchen stations for prepping, hot foods, and plating. Maybe even consider an additional sink!
  3. A butcher’s block top island. Need we say more?!
  4. Consider two stoves. These come in handy when preparing multiple dishes or baking, and especially around the holidays!
  5. Gadgets and tools for organization are key. Hooks, baskets, shelves, whatever you must do, be organized.
  6. Don’t forget about the flooring. Often times this gets little thought, but is an important aspect to the look, feel, and function of your kitchen.
  7. Think about creating a half wall or breakfast bar in the other living spaces of the home. This gives you great visibility and flow with guests and the little ones.
  8. If you have space, a pantry can be a life saver – a place for the extra storage of pots and pans as well as food. Custom storage solutions are also an option.
  9. Also consider where your family can come together and eat. Everyone at the island? Room for a kitchen table?
  10. Most importantly, make sure your kitchen fits your style, personality and needs! Just like your family, each kitchen is unique.

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