The master suite has become a true oasis in many homes.  A home addition can be a great way to expand the master bedroom to include a luxurious master bath and walk-in closets.  Similarly, empty-nesters can take advantage of unused space by reconfiguring the existing layout into a spacious master suite.  There are some key features and design strategies to keep in mind as you consider a new master bathroom suite.

1. Make a comfortable connection between the bathroom and bedroom

Consider the bathroom in the context of your entire master suite. The relationship of master bedroom, dressing area, bathroom and hallway entry is the primary design challenge.  Each space should feel connected, but distinct.  Privacy is also important.  If one partner gets ready for work earlier than another, it’s important to preserve the quiet sanctuary of the bedroom as much as possible.  One way to accomplish this is to place the dressing area/closets between the bedroom and the bathroom.

2. Keep the bathroom a room

Creating a central space with the necessary fixtures arranged around that area is a great design strategy.  However, it’s important that the central space not grow so large that the fixtures feel disconnected.  At the same time, adding more or larger fixtures can reduce the central space, making the bathroom feel cramped.

3. Make the bathroom an extension of the bedroom

Sight lines are important.  When the bathroom door is open, the first thing you see should not be the toilet with the seat up!  And when you’re enjoying a good soak in your tub, you should have a nice view of an outside window in the bedroom, not a hamper full of dirty clothes! A well-designed master suite makes each room feel bigger than it is.

4. Use compatible fixtures and materials

The fixtures and materials should reflect your home and your taste.  Whether your home is a 1920s bungalow or an ultra-contemporary glass and steel cube, the master suite should match the rest of the home.  We will work with you to showcase your style and make the master suite a seamless connection with the rest of your home.

5. Keep everything in proportion

The bedroom, not the bathroom is the emphasis in any master suite.  The bedroom should be the largest area in the master suite.  The bathroom should be a pleasant place to be, but shouldn’t put the rest of the house to shame!

Let our design team help you create a master suite you’ll be thrilled to call your own.  You can see an example of one of our master suite projects here.