Every kitchen has small or oddly-shaped spaces that don’t conform to traditional cabinets or drawers.  They can make kitchen designs challenging.  But there are several unique storage options that can turn those little kitchen quirks into useful spaces.

  • Tip-outs. Compact tip-out trays fit nicely under the sink and are perfect for hiding scrubbers and brushes.
  • Pull-out bins. The space under the sink is a perfect place for the wastebasket or recycling bins.  Pull-out trays or rollers for the bins make taking out the trash easy and painless.
  • Lazy susans. Corners are notoriously challenging storage spaces.  Lazy Susans put corners to great use, filling the space and keeping things close at hand.
  • Toe-kick drawers. The area near the floor under your cabinets is called the toe-kick.  It hides the platform that supports your cabinets.  There are new drawer options that fit in that space and can be opened with a soft tap of your toe.  They’re a great place to hide cookie sheets, pizza stones and cutting boards.
  • Spice racks. Narrow spaces near the oven are a perfect place for deep, but narrow pull-out spice racks.  Your spices will be close at hand where you need them most.
  • Color! The natural wood look is always timeless, but bold can be beautiful, too! Fun, trendy color options to set your cabinet look apart. White, soft gray, and deep navy are some of our favorites right now.

There are many ways we can take advantage of underused spaces in your kitchen.  Contact our design team today to find out how we can maximize your kitchen.