As winter approaches, our thoughts drift to quiet, cozy evenings with family around a warm fire, maybe reading a book, watching a little TV or playing games.  A warm, relaxing family room makes a perfect place to enjoy a quiet winter evening.  A few creative remodeling elements can transform any room into that family winter oasis.

The currently popular open floor plans found in many new homes can make family rooms both more welcoming and less cozy.  With immediate access to multiple parts of the home, the family room or great room can be a major highway in the home.  At the same time, they make a central meeting point for the family, just a short distance from the kitchen or dining room.  The key to making the family room a welcoming destination is to create zones of activity defined by built-ins, furniture, color and lighting.  Separating reading spaces from TV spaces from game spaces brings family members together around activities and keeps the spaces intimate.

Family rooms have many purposes – TV, reading, playing games, socializing, etc.  Each of these activities creates a need for storage.  Custom built-ins or entertainment centers become a home for books, games and electronics.  A home bar can be a comfortable gathering place for family members and guests.  Games can be stored in cabinets or on shelves for easy access by even the youngest family members.

Family room activities require some specific infrastructure, as well.  Fireplaces and fireplace surrounds form the centerpieces of many families’ great rooms.  A well-built surround can show off treasured family heirlooms or memorabilia and add storage to the room.  Home Theater speakers and wiring make movie and video game nights thrilling.  Many of these components require special network and electrical wiring installation, also.  All of these practical elements should be considered as part of a new family room design.

Winter is coming.  Embrace the season in a cozy new family room.  Contact our design team and let them create the perfect new gathering place for your family.