Home Theaters are great places to enjoy your favorite movies – and a popular basement remodeling project.  The electronic components, DVDs, cables and speakers create a rats’ nest of storage challenges, though.  A well-designed entertainment center puts everything in its place and keeps your theater room looking cozy and inviting.  Here are some key things to consider as you imagine your dream theater.

Cable Organization

The numbers of audio and video devices in a home theater mean that there are wires everywhere!  Each device has at least 2 cords and sometimes many more.  Organizing and storing those wires out of site are key aspects of a good entertainment center design.  They become even more important when you add surround sound speakers across the room from the audio and video components.

What happens when something breaks or you want to upgrade a component?  Someone has to remove the device and connect the new one.  If the cable storage solution makes it hard to replace those cables, upgrading components becomes a nightmare!  We’ll make sure your entertainment center doesn’t permanently attach your equipment to your home!

Multi-media storage

DVDs, CDs, Game dics and remotes and game controllers make the home theater run.  They also create a huge storage challenge.  How can you make it easy for the kids to find the video they want to watch without pulling out every disc?  Where do you store those Rock Band guitars?  Our entertainment center designs always include plenty of room for those necessities and keep them easy to find.

Speaker placement

A good surround sound system has the speakers placed at just the right position in your room for amazing audio.  Our design team knows exactly where your speakers should go and will make sure to place them in the entertainment center design for perfect sound quality.

Putting the Home in Home Theater

A good entertainment center design integrates the home theater into your home décor without taking over the room.  No one wants to see all the inner workings – or even that giant TV screen all the time.  Our entertainment center designs will allow you to see as little or as much of the system as you like.  We can add doors or other elegant cabinet touches to create the best home theater design that fits your home.

Successful entertainment center designs do more than just hold your stuff.  They make the theater an elegant addition to your home.