Functional storage systems are designed to restore a sense of order and organization to your home.  Once you have place for everything, you can streamline your routine and save you time.

As you’re designing your kitchen remodel, consider your storage needs and what types of cabinets, drawers or shelves would be beneficial to your family’s needs.  Our designers will work with you to understand your needs and create custom storage solutions that you’ll love. 

What does your ideal kitchen storage look like?  Here are a few examples from past projects inspiration:

Pullout shelves – Easily reach the back corners in deep base cabinets with the use of pullout shelves.  Or add upright dividers to manage lids and smaller items.  These rolling shelves are a must for most homeowners.  Once you have them, you’ll never go back to stationary shelves in your base cabinets! 

Pot drawers – Deep pot drawers make it easy to see all your pots clearly.  No more stacking and unstacking piles of pots just to get to the one you need. 

Spice rack – A spice pullout rack is practical and functional.  Placing this near the cooktop will put everything you need in reach for your next gourmet meal.

Lazy Susan – Rotating corner units makes for easier access to the items stored at the back of the cabinet. 

Custom pantry – Pantries are popular because they hold lots of goods in one place.  This allows you to see everything you have, so you don’t end up buying something you already have.

Corner drawers – The drawers run diagonally into the corner, which makes them deeper than most and therefore allows for extra storage.

Utensil drawer – A deep drawer with built-in containers to hold utensils in the upright position.  This makes finding the right utensil much easier while eliminating clutter from your countertop. 

Under-sink drawer – Adding a pull-out drawer to the bottom of the sink cabinet prevents the space from becoming a bottomless pit.  Easily pull out the drawer to access cleaning products, detergent, garbage bags and more.

Pullout trash bins – This is a must have for every kitchen.  Adding multiple bins to the pull out creates a recycling center as well. 

Vertical dividers – Add vertical dividers to a deep drawer or cabinet to hold baking sheets, platters, cooling racks and cutting boards. Dividers keep everything in order making it easier to get things in and out of the space.

Kitchen mail station – Adding a small desk with cubbies can help to keep the mail off your counter.  Consider adding a pull-out recycling bin, phone charging station and key organizer to keep your family organized.

Dish drawer – Tired of reaching into the upper cabinets to retrieve heavy dinner plates?  Try a dish drawer with upright partitions separating the plates.  Located in the lower cabinet, these drawers provide easy access to the dishes you use daily.

Pet bowls – Pet stations are becoming common in the kitchen.  Carve out a space for pet food storage along with water and food bowls to keep your four-legged friends happy. 

Pullout shelves – Easily reach the back corners in deep cabinets with the use of pullout shelves.  These rolling shelves are a must for most homeowners.  Once you have them, you’ll never go back to stationary shelves! 

Trash and Recycling – Make it easy for you family to access trash and recycling bins by placing them two deep in a cabinet near the sink. 

Remodeling your kitchen gives you the opportunity to include all the bells and whistles you’ve been longing for.  Our design team will not only assist in creating unique storage solutions, but they will also help you locate those features in the kitchen to maximize their utility.  Our in-house custom cabinet shop is ready to design the kitchen of your dreams.  Contact us to get started with your Twin Cities kitchen remodel today!