Cabinet choice can make or break a home remodeling project. Whether the cabinets take center stage in the kitchen or great room or are a subtle component of a new bathroom or master suite, the right cabinet choice is crucial.

Many remodeling companies and big box home stores offer “custom cabinets”. But be cautious as you review these “custom” options for your kitchen, family room or bathroom. Often, “custom” means that the finish color and hardware can be modified from a basic cabinet design. But at the core, these cabinets are standard-sized boxes made of inferior materials.

Designed For YOUR Home

A truly custom cabinet maker will design unique cabinets designed to fit exactly into YOUR home. These cabinets are built from scratch, not from a combination of pre-built boxes. Custom cabinets can be built to fit the unique height and width requirements of your home – so you can have cabinets that fill the walls all the way to that beautiful raised ceiling or to fit that narrow wall beside a doorway. The design style, color and material choices can be selected to match the most contemporary home or a classic older home.

Optimal Space Utilization

Custom cabinets also optimize space utilization in any home. “Box” cabinets are typically built in 3” width increments, meaning that “fillers” are necessary for walls that don’t fit the standard. Custom cabinets also eliminate the walls between cabinet sections, allowing access to more of your stored items from more locations – and more storage space overall.

Ultimate Material Quality

One of the most important benefits of custom cabinets is the quality of materials used by custom cabinet makers. The wood we use is high quality ¾” premium wood. Most box cabinets are made from inferior ½” composite material with a laminated finish. Your custom cabinets will be much more durable and will add significantly to your home’s resale value.
Custom cabinets are a worthwhile investment in your remodeling project. The high-quality materials we use and the unique design options we can create will fit your home perfectly and will last a lifetime.

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