A true home theater includes more than just a big screen and loud speakers.  An epic movie-watching environment has good acoustics, elegant storage and lots of comfortable viewing locations.  We build home theater rooms that any space and budget.

Most home theaters are created in basements.  Controlling light is usually easier in a lower level and walls and ceilings can be insulated to prevent unwanted sound from getting in or out of the home theater.

A common home theater design challenge is finding a place for large equipment and proper viewing positions.  The larger the screen, the farther viewers should be from the screen for optimal viewing enjoyment.   Most home theater systems include multiple components that require storage, cable management and convenient access.  Built-in cabinets are a great way to house these components and all the DVDs, games and CDs you’ll be enjoying in your home theater.

Speaker placement is another critical design decision.  Surround sound systems use speaker placement to create the 3-dimensional sounds you hear in most movies.  In custom-designed theater rooms, these speakers are often housed in the walls or ceiling.

Home theater lighting is one of the finishing touches that make for a convenient and comfortable theater experience.  Dimmer switches are a must and many home theaters include “smart” lighting that can be controlled from a multi-function remote control.

Our creative design team can build the perfect theater for your home.  Call us today to schedule an appointment to start building your red carpet home theater.