Kids’ bedrooms are their sanctuary.  They provide a quiet, soothing place for kids to rest, play, work and greet the day.  Older kids can definitely take part in the design process.  Kids’ rooms should be planned with change and growth in mind.  Favorite colors, clothing sizes and styles and the need for privacy all change as kids grow.  Their bedrooms should embrace those changes.

Zones Help Keep Life Manageable

Kids don’t always want to be on (or in) their beds.  Playtime – and homework time – need their own spaces.  A special corner for toys and toy storage creates an inviting play space and help manage toy clutter.  A desk with built-in bookshelves offers a quiet, dedicated place for homework.

Everything In Its Place

Clothes, toys, school books and collections all need a home in a kids room.  Organization takes on a whole new meaning for kids.  Built-in cabinets and bookcases can provide versatile storage for toys, games and school supplies.  Closets with multiple levels of shelves and hanging rods help keep clothes at kid height – and give room to grow as kids’ wardrobes change.

Lighting Matters

Kids need bright light for work and play.  At the same time, soft, soothing light makes bedtime reading easy (and keeps the monsters at bay).  Kids’ rooms should have multiple light sources to fit the range of kid activities.

We have helped families of all sizes and kids of all ages create unforgettable bedrooms.  Ask our design team to help you build the perfect space for your kids.