Cooking brings families and friends together.  The process of cooking can be a joy in the right kitchen.  Professional chefs cook at home, too.  They have some very specific ideas for the perfect kitchen design.  Some are obvious – others are a little surprising.

Size Isn’t The Only Answer

Professional chefs learn to work with what they have.  Few chefs have the opportunity to design their restaurant (or home) kitchens to their exact specifications.  There are two keys to an efficient kitchen:  economy of movement and the right stove.  A large kitchen can be great, but if you’re putting on major miles walking between the stove and the refrigerator, it might not be ideal.  Stove selection depends on how you cook.  Again, size is not the key factor.  Bakers love dual-oven stoves.  French-inspired chefs need lots of burners for all those sauces and courses.

Counter Space is Most Valuable

Surprisingly, chefs are more passionate about counter space than they are about stoves.  They like to spread out their ingredients in a large, uncluttered space.  A good chef’s kitchen design maximizes counter space.  Space to work and easy access to ingredients are key to a successful design.

Dunfee Showcase Chef's KitchenOrganization is Key – Mies en place
Mies en place is Chef-speak (French) for “Everything in its place.”  Organization means everything to chefs.  Clutter makes cooking less efficient and less enjoyable.  Chefs love efficient and easily accessible storage – large cabinets and drawers are big parts of cabinet designs.  Pot racks can also be handy places to store necessary equipment conveniently.


Chefs love to cook for friends and family.  And everyone knows that guests usually end up in the kitchen.  A big island can create effective work stations and give guests a place to relax and enjoy appetizers while they chat with the chef.  It’s much easier to socialize when the chefs can face their guests across an island than if they are stuck in a corner with their backs to them.

An efficient chef’s kitchen is a dream that can come true in your home.  Our design team has created chef’s kitchens in many Twin Cities homes.  Contact us today to see how they can help you design the kitchen remodel of your dreams.