Anyone who’s ever worked from home knows how comfortable and productive the experience can be.  They also know how easy it is to lose focus when the dog barks or the kids cry for attention.  The key to productively working at home is focus.  The design of your home office should maximize your ability to keep your mind on your work.  Here are a few keys to a focused home office design.

Dedicate your space for focus

The biggest challenge most home office workers face is keeping “work” separate from “home”.  The design of your home office should allow you to focus on your work, but still let you leave work in the office.  This can happen in a separate room or in a dedicated desk space in the common areas of an open floor plan.  No matter where you locate your workspace, it should be used exclusively (or primarily) for work.

Organize for focus

Nearly every home office worker uses a computer as the primary business tool.  The workspace should put the computer front and center, with the monitor at a comfortable height.   For most people, this means keeping the computer on a normal desktop with a chair, but some people are starting to stand at work, so having a space that allows the computer to be used at standing height can also be helpful.

Clutter is the enemy of focus.  A good home office design offers storage space for both important files, but also rarely used reference books, personal items like photos and coffee cups.  The right storage designs can make the difference between a frustrating space and a productive home office.  Click here for more home office organization ideas.

Minimize distractions for focus

Privacy is one of the most important factors in a home office design.  The distractions in a home office can be intense.  A good home office should have a door that can be closed for conference calls or interruption-free work.  That door signals to the family that you are busy and shouldn’t be disturbed.  It also lets the kids and pets go on with their days without fear of disturbing mom or dad.

The right home office design can create a focused, productive workspace.  Our design team has helped many homeowners create comfortable and focused home offices.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you create your own.