Making the most of the space you have is essential, whether your family is still growing or you’re having grandkids over the weekend. Many homeowners value efficiency and functionality in the family room, especially concerning storage, entertainment space, and furniture. Here are some of our favorite considerations when remodeling with functionality in mind:

  • Storage! You can never have enough. The key here is to make the most of the space you have. Custom bookshelves and cabinets can make even the most challenging space usable. Consider floor-to-ceiling shelves to maximize space, add some doors to hide stuff you want out of sight, or take a funky living room corner and turn it into a space to store games and toys.
  • Entertainment. Most modern homes house a wealth of entertainment electronics in the living space, but most families don’t want them to be the focal point. A custom entertainment center can give you all you’ve ever dreamt of. Hide the TV, create a cabinet for components and cords, include a mini compartment inside to keep remotes organized, and of course, have lots of room for movies and games.
  • Warmth. Speaking both literally and figuratively, warmth is essential. Make the space yours! Hang photos, utilize your favorite colors, and include things that inspire you. Think of a feature you have always wanted in your living space – we can make it happen. And if this feature happens to be a custom mantle and fireplace, we can make that happen, too.
  • Furniture. Often not given as much weight as the built-in features, functional furniture is a necessity. Consider buying ottomans that double as storage containers and couches and chairs covered in microfiber or leather for easy cleaning. And be sure to consider the size of your room against the size of the furniture. Sometimes less is more!

We’ve helped dozens of Twin Cities homeowners build cozy, comfortable family rooms. Contact our design team today to learn how we can create the perfect gathering place for your family.