Get started with your Family Room remodel

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the family room may just be the soul of a home.  Your family room design should reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of your family.

Deciding how to configure the space is key to getting started with your family room design.  Understanding how the space will be used is an important factor in the configuration.  The space should be designed to complement your family’s lifestyle and needs. Family rooms can be ideal for beautiful built-ins like wet or dry bars, fireplace walls, bookcases with room for a wall-mounted television, buffets or extra storage.    Our designers can help you make those decisions!

Whether you’re remodeling or adding on, a new family room requires thoughtful planning with consideration for how your family will use the space.  Here are a few things to consider as you start planning your Minnesota family room remodel:

  1. What activities currently take place in your living room? Are there other activities that you’d like to make room for in your new space?  Relaxing, reading, entertaining, pool table, craft area, home theater, gaming, game table, wet or dry bar?  Will the space be multi-functional?  If so, is there a hierarchy of activities?
  2. What special features would you like to incorporate? Fireplace, shelving, surround sound, lighting, projection screen?
  3. What style do you gravitate toward? Contemporary, traditional, cottage, elegant, minimalistic?  Do you like bright, light spaces or do you prefer dark colors for a cozier feeling space?
  4. Will you be using your current furniture, or will you be purchasing new pieces? Scaling the furniture to the new space will be critical to the finished look.  If the furniture is too small, the room will look unfinished, if it’s too big, the room will appear cramped and uncomfortable.
  5. Consider adding a bathroom if there isn’t one nearby. Maybe a powder bath is sufficient, or if you intend for this to be a guest bath, add a walk-in shower.  Adding a bathroom to your home is likely to increase your home’s overall value.
  6. What type of storage is needed? Games, books, blankets, sports equipment, toys, serving dishes, holiday décor, etc.  Knowing the size and quantity of the things you wish to store in the family room will help your designer create the perfect sized cabinets and storage solutions.
  7. Do you have pets? How will they inhabit the space?  Do they need space for a bed or food in the family room?

Create the perfect space to hang out with family and friends.  Adding a family room, remodeling a current family room or finishing the lower level to incorporate a family room are all viable options.  What are the key design features you’ll incorporate into your family room?  With decades of experience remodeling homes, our team will help you design a family room that you’ll love.  Contact Roberts’ Residential Remodeling to get started on your project today!  https://robertsresidentialremodeling.com/contact-us/