Prevent Wars With Separate Bathroom Spaces

Can his and hers bathrooms bring marital bliss?  The bathroom can be a busy place, especially in the morning.  When everyone has a place to get ready, store important toiletries and find little necessities, everyone can start their day happy and relaxed.

Three critical design elements make or break a bathroom space: storage space, work space and shared spaces.  With a few simple design ideas, we can turn any bathroom into a functional, restful shared space.

Storage Space

Separate vanities or medicine cabinets give both partners a place to keep their necessary toiletries organized and easy to reach.  Larger bathrooms can accommodate two separate vanities, possibly separated by a central sink or linen cabinet.  If you have a really large space, you might even consider having the vanities face each other with mirrors hung back to back.  Smaller rooms may be better suited to separate in-wall medicine cabinets hidden behind mirrors.  No matter what size your room, separate storage can keep everyone moving at optimal speed each morning.

Work Space

Separate sinks make it easy for two people to get ready for the day at the same time.  There’s no fighting over the mirror and no fighting over counter space.  Multiple electrical outlets allow both partners to use electric razors, hair dryers and other appliances simultaneously, too.

Shared Space

Unless your bathroom will be particularly large, you’ll only have one toilet and one shower space.  But a shared shower, with multiple fixtures can create multiple, dedicated spaces for shampoos, soaps, etc. and even add a little extravagance to your bathroom.

Working side by side in the bathroom can be challenging.  His and hers bathrooms can make morning rituals more relaxing and functional.  You can see some of our bathroom designs here. Contact our design team today to learn how we can help you take the stress out of your morning routine.