Making the most of the space you’re in can be an efficient and effective way to expand your footprint while maintaining proximity to your neighborhood, local coffee shop, or the local school you love. Here are some of our favorite trends for 2018 for you to consider if you’re thinking of a home addition to make all these things happen:

  1. Kitchen extensions: We all know people congregate over food. Capitalize on the demand of this much utilized space and consider adding some square footage to making cooking, hanging, making memories easier.
  2. Second story additions: Many families we talk to want to move because they feel cramped in their space and feel like there’s no where to go. Well, we’re here to tell you that a second story addition is absolutely an option, and we would love to help.
  3. Accessibility accommodations: If you’re aging in your space and/or a multi-generational home, adding on to your space to consider accessibility is a necessity.
  4. Mudrooms: We all want them, yet they are not generally on the priority list – Why? They can be the most life-changing and convenient additions to a home by reducing clutter and mess inside the living space.
  5. Master suites: Treat yourself! Making space for you inside your home for rest and respite may be just what you need.

Inspired to take on your new home addition? Contact us today to get started!