Building an addition onto an existing home can create a wonderful new living space.  Gourmet kitchens, cozy family rooms and productive home offices are just a few of the dramatic expansions possible with a home addition.  A comprehensive plan makes the dream of a home addition achievable.  That plan must include a review of several structural challenges that can lead to design changes or added expense.

As part of each home addition plan, we research and evaluate the home’s “bones” as well as the skin.  That effort includes inspection and discussion of the foundation, links to the existing structure and the roof, among many other topics.  As you consider your home addition, be prepared to think about the following topics.


The existing foundation must be prepared to handle some of the load of the new construction.  This is particularly true when additional stories are added to a home.  Any new foundations necessary to support the addition must have proper drainage and must integrate seamlessly into the existing foundation.

We use time-tested foundation construction practices, suitable for local soil and water conditions to ensure a well-insulated, dry foundation that will carry the loads placed on it by the new structure.

Connection to the existing structure

The new addition must also fit well with the existing structure to prevent cracks, settling or other damage to the structure.  Some additions include the removal or improvement of structural walls, lintels or stairways that can affect load-bearing within both the new and old structure.  This is especially true when a second story is added to a single-level section of a home.

We look carefully at the existing load-bearing walls and structures to provide the best design for a solid, beautiful extension to your home.


Water and ice can have a tremendous negative impact on a home.  It’s crucial that any new addition remove, reduce or avoid build-up of water or ice during the winter and prevent leaks during spring and summer rains.

We work carefully with the existing home plans to be sure that water and ice issues are reduced or eliminated in the new addition.


A new addition to a home requires a thoughtful, comprehensive plan that includes both structural and aesthetic concerns.  Our design team has years of experience creating wonderful living spaces.  Contact us today to start designing your new addition.