A depressed housing market can make an addition to your current home a good investment, while you enjoy the benefits of new space.  The current low interest rates make home equity lines more affordable.  A home addition can be a perfect way to build your dream home, without moving.

Home additions can be expensive, but studies have shown that most, if not all, of the cost of a home addition can be recovered when you sell the home.  As remodeling projects go, additions provide good value for your investment.  Building an addition is also less expensive than purchasing a new home.  Closing costs on the sale of your current home and the purchase of a new home are just one of the costs you’ll encounter if you decide to move.

An addition can make your home uniquely yours.  The design process lets you put your creative stamp on your home.  Whether you want more family living space, a master bathroom suite or a home gym, the new addition allows you to put your creative juices to work.

Things to consider

1.              Think about resale value.

When you decide to move, your home should appeal to the widest possible audience.  The style of an addition should complement the rest of the home.  Too much uniqueness or conflict with the style of the rest of the home can limit the number of potential buyers.

2.            Manage heating and cooling costs.

It’s important that any addition include energy-saving measures to reduce the cost of keeping the new addition as cozy as the rest of the house.  We work with the latest technologies to ensure that heating and cooling costs are minimized.

3.            Make the most of the addition.

Sunrooms may be less expensive than other types of additions, but are not very practical in Minnesota.   A smarter addition would include a fully-insulated, heated family room that can be enjoyed all year long.

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