Professional Chefs Show The Way

Foodies and aspiring chefs want the most from their kitchens. As you imagine your kitchen re-design, consider how professional chefs organize their kitchens.


Production kitchens are designed for easy access to regularly used appliances, gadgets and food.  While your kitchen might not resemble the typical “galley” kitchen in a top restaurant, it’s important to lay out your kitchen so that you and your family can work efficiently and comfortably.


Professional chefs use durable, low-maintenance surfaces.  They often use stainless steel.  That’s not the most practical surface for a home kitchen, though.  Instead, consider a manufactured stone countertop. Bakers should remember to arrange counter space for rolling out dough.


Top chefs want their tools nearby. Rollouts next to the range or large drawers below a cook top offer quick access to pots and pans, and for some a pot rack over a nearby island work surface is the solution.  Spatulas, whisks, and spoons can be stored in a dedicated drawer and knives can be organized in a cutlery tray.  Consider spice racks near your cook top for easy access.


Professional-grade appliances are available on just about everyone’s budget.  Imagine cooking on a six-burner cooktop and storing food in an extra-large refrigerator!  If you entertain frequently, a wall oven (or two) can be more helpful than a range, which places the cooktop and oven in the same location. A wide variety of high-end appliances follow professional equipment designs but are optimized for the home.


Professional kitchens are well-lit. Your kitchen should be, too.  Under-cabinet lights and task lighting make chopping and food prep easy and mistake-free. Multiple lights operated by multiple switches put extra light at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the kitchen.

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