Goodbye Winter, hello Spring! There’s nothing quite like the buzz around Minnesota when Springtime arrives. It’s a time of change and growth, not just for Mother Nature but in our homes. Spring themes might seem only suited for the season, but pulling elements of this welcomed season into your kitchen remodeling project can have you feeling this energetic season all year long.

Colors to consider:

  • Mint – Classic, bright and fresh
  • Lavender – Unique, flattering and natural
  • Blue Porcelain: Timeless, soothing and adaptable
  • Light Pink: Maybe best as an accent color. Airy, warm and organic

Flooring and Cabinets:

  • Washed wood cabinets: Your kitchen will feel like a warm spring day no matter what time of year it is
  • Light wood flooring: Whether uncovering those long covered natural flooring is your thing, or a classic paneled wood, light flooring is bright and reflects light all year round.


  • Tea paper: Want to add some flare to your new dining space? Consider adding a colorful tea paper
  • Wall paper: It’s back, and we like it. Think about natural patterns and colors.


  • Concealed appliances are great! This can give your kitchen area more space.
  • Get organized: Using this remodeling opportunity to add organizational elements shouldn’t be missed


  • Consider natural stone countertops: Granite or quartz countertops are durable and can resist dents, scratches, and stains, making them a great low-maintenance option.


  • Flowers! Bring nature’s bounty inside
  • Artwork: If you’re going neutral in color, bring in some Spring colored artwork to brighten your space
  • Anything rustic! Bring the warmth and the charm
  • Colorful rugs can change the aesthetic of a space if you’re going simple colors
  • Mixing metals: Brass and chrome? You bet.

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