We all have the best intentions to make our spaces warm and inviting for guests, but sometimes we need a little help. Check out these 7 ideas for making your space just a little more cozy:

  1. Texture! We love clean lines just as much as the next person, but add some velvet, plush or fur for added interest and warmth.
  2. Historical Details: Think an antique lamp, classic chandelier, or a retro chair.
  3. Go the holistic route: Bring in natural elements such as raw wood surfaces, organic textiles, and other natural elements.
  4. Go for the sectional: Few things are more inviting than a big comfy couch, just make sure it fits your space
  5. Conversation circle: Many living spaces are pointed towards a TV. Go rogue, ditch the screen and trade it in for furniture arranged facing each other to provoke conversation.
  6. Fireplace focal point: If you have the option, few things create the metaphorical and physical warmth of a fire.
  7. Inviting beverages: Start the evening with a delicious (and kid-friendly!) conversation-starter for your guests to sip on, Grinch Punch! Find the recipe here.

We hope you all have a lovely and safe holiday season! See you in 2019!