On a day-to-day basis, your house may seem like the right fit for you. But when the kids come home, their spouses, their kids, and other members of the family pack in to your space, the need for more room becomes clear. Remodeling your space with entertaining in mind makes your house feel like home for everyone.


Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a popular trend as homeowners strive to utilize their spaces in the most efficient way. Removing a dividing wall and adding continuous flooring are easy ways to give the illusion of more space while creating better traffic flow for your guests. On a larger scale, an open floor plan can expand your living area to one large entertaining space with connections to the kitchen, dining area and living spaces, allowing you to see and hear your loved ones wherever they may be. Carving out niche activity areas can make even the biggest open space feel cozy and welcoming.  Areas for playing games, reading, watching TV or playing video games and a kids’ activity area are just a few ideas.

Consider The Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular and time-tested home improvements, and for good reason. The kitchen is the epicenter of the home — where the food is made, where people often enjoy meals and where people gather during gatherings to chat with the chef, snack and drink. A kitchen island is an affordable yet impactful design element that can give you a more open, inviting feel while adding counter space for cooking or food preparation.

Add a Cozy Fireplace

Installing a welcoming fireplace in your home doesn’t have to be a large project, but can have a large impact on the comfort of your space. A hearth area in the living space can be another point of interest for your guests – a place where they gather over a cup of hot cocoa or eggnog. A small fireplace in a basement area where guests may be staying can also be a practical addition to a remodeling project, saving on energy and keeping the space comfortable for your guests.


We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners create welcoming gathering spaces for guests.  Contact our design team today to learn how they can help you build an entertaining home space in your remodeling project.