Shaken or stirred?  However you take your martini, a home bar can be one of your home’s best entertaining spaces.  With the right features even a modest bar can turn anyone into the life of the party.

Must haves

Every bar must include these features:

Glassware storage

Wine and martini glasses can hang upside from racks above the bar or underneath the bar top.  Beer and other cocktail glasses can be stored on shelves under the bar top.  Storing shelved glassware upside down will prevent dust from collecting inside the glasses.

Bottle storage

Different-sized bottles present a storage challenge.  Shelves should put any bottle within easy reach, regardless of its size.  Wine bottles with natural corks must be stored horizontally to keep the cork from drying out which can spoil the wine.  A wine rack is an important part of any bar.


The simplest bars combine working space and serving space on the bar counter top.  More extensive bars can include a lower “bar back” counter for drink creation and condiment preparation (slicing lemons, etc.).

Utensil storage

Bartenders that create any cocktail more complex than a glass of wine or beer need space to store their tools.  Stir sticks, shakers, olive picks and those cool little umbrellas all need a space to stay when they’re not in use.  Some easily accessible drawers can keep those little accessories organized and easy to find.

Nice to haves

More extensive bars can include these features:

Seating space

Larger bars can be a great place to hang out, chat and maybe play some cards.  If you plan to include seating, make sure to include space for at least two stools with room to walk around each one comfortably.

Mini-fridge/wine cooler space

White wine and many beers are best served cold.  Even red wine tastes best at “cellar” temperatures.  A fridge or wine cooler can make those drinks easy to store properly and access quickly during parties.  If you’re a real beer fan, a beer keg refrigerator can be a great way to have suds on tap at home.  And of course, your designated drivers will appreciate fresh ice in their water or soda – so be sure to find a mini-fridge with ice-making or freezer capabilities.


The ultimate home bar is the wet bar.  A small sink with running water makes clean-up much more convenient.


Our in-house millwork department can help make your basement remodeling project into that home bar you’ve always dreamed of.  Call our design team to schedule an appointment to discuss your bartending vision.