When it comes to the kitchen, some things are timeless — clean, functional and comfortable. With that said, every year still brings a new mix of kitchen ideas to make your space its most stylish. Whether you’re dreaming of a sleek new kitchen or you’re looking for some design inspo for a little spruce up, here are some trends for 2021 we love:

Dark Accents

Light colors add the perspective of space and breathability, but dark, contrasting accents can add movement and character. Consider dark countertops or dark wood counters or cabinets.


Open shelving concepts have their place, but we love the idea of having wall-to-wall cabinetry, and can create the perfect custom fit for your space. Who doesn’t need more storage.

Clean Lines

The minimalistic look contributes to the timeless kitchen trends that we mentioned before – clean and functional. Think about clean-lined cabinetry and hardware for your new aesthetic.


Kitchen islands will never get old – they add prep space, storage and character. But something new is multi-level! Use your different levels for a home office, study space, and more.

If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project this year, we would love to talk to you about your design dreams and these new trends! We can create the perfect fit for you, your home and your space in our in-house millwork shop. Contact us today!