Looking to refresh your kitchen design?  The kitchen design trends of today are all about increasing convenience, comfort and personal style.  Incorporating some of the latest trends will not only elevate the aesthetic of your Minnesota kitchen and home but will also enhance those beloved moments that take place in the heart of your home.  The kitchen is more than a place to cook, it’s where you and your loved ones gather to share and connect with one another. A well-designed kitchen maximizes the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen and enhances the special moments that take place in this beloved space.  Here are a few trends to consider as you’re putting together the list of must-haves for your new kitchen.


While white kitchens are still popular, homeowners are incorporating more colorful elements and embracing bold and vibrant colors.  Color may be incorporated in the backsplash, contrasting cabinetry or even featuring a statement-making island.  Incorporating large windows and quality lighting help to keep the kitchen light and bright.

Fabulous and Functional Features

Adding bells and whistles that create more convenience without sacrificing style enhances the functionality of your kitchen.  From built-in paper towel holders and knife blocks to pull-out spice racks, utensil holders and secret kickplate storage, these features will serve you for years to come.

Mix and Match Hardware

Varying the style of knobs, handles, pulls and latches creates an intentional look that’s unique and personalized. 

Butler’s Pantries

A self-functioning prep kitchen is the ultimate self-indulgence.  It’s an ancillary space, immediately accessible from the main kitchen, that works as an additional work zone for food prep.  With the option of being transitional or closed off behind doors, these secondary spaces can house everything from additional refrigeration and warming drawers to built-in coffee systems, wine storage, food storage, dishwashers and more. 

Slab Backsplashes

Traditional tile backsplashes are being replace in favor of sleek, large-scale slab backsplashes.  A slab backsplash is made from one large piece of continuous material such as granite, quartz or marble.  The backsplash can be matched to the countertop material or used as a statement piece in the kitchen by using a contrasting color or design.  Slab backsplashes provide a seamless, clean look that is easy to keep clean, as there are no grout lines.

Organic Elements

Organic elements will continue to make their way into kitchens in the form of natural stone countertops, organic and eco-friendly materials, wood cabinetry and metal accents.  With a heightened awareness of the environmental impact of design, the green movement is becoming an important factor in material selection. 

Large Islands Designed for Dining

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Many Minnesota homeowners are opting for larger kitchen islands to accommodate dining and entertaining directly in the kitchen.  Comfortable, cozy spaces with seating for the whole family take precedence in today’s kitchen designs.  When space is available, consider two islands.  One island can be dedicated to food preparation and the other for guests to gather or the family to dine.  This trend is appealing to the committed gourmands who view cooking as a performance art and enjoy entertaining.  It also offers a significant increase storage potential. 

Pet Friendly Areas

Creating dedicated pet-feeding stations as part of a kitchen island or side cabinet are a great way to keep pet dishes in their place. 

Let Roberts Residential Remodeling help you set the trend!

Trends are all about taking your space to new heights and exploring innovative ways to amplify your style.  Taking the time to carefully lay out the space and select materials that fit your family’s lifestyle will help to create a space that serves your family for years to come.  The team at Roberts’ Residential Remodeling will walk you through the entire process.  We look forward to working with you on your kitchen remodeling project!