Cooking Stations Are The Way To Go

Styles change.  Cooking trends come and go.  Your kitchen should last you a lifetime.  With the right design, it can be a fantastic room for meal prep, dining and family conversations.  We have some tips for creating the perfect kitchen for your family.

Remember the “kitchen triangle”?  Forget the kitchen triangle.  The “working triangle” philosophy of refrigerator/sink/range began in the 1950s as a ploy to sell cabinetry. Today’s kitchens work better with stations.  Yes, a kitchen triangle can be helpful at times.  But if your kitchen is larger, a triangle design doesn’t really work.  A design based on workstations makes meal preparation easier, allows more people to help with the cooking and makes clean-up easier.

Think about a professional restaurant kichen.  There’s no “triangle” in any restaurant kitchen layout.  Each area of the kitchen has a specific purpose.

Work stations, come in a wide variety of configurations. Multiple heights and different surfaces define separate work spaces.  An island with shelves can serve as a clearly defined work space and lets you sit while prepping.  Larger islands make room for more than one chef.  It’s helpful to offset appliances, particularly in a galley situation, so that cooks are not working back to back.

No matter what your cooking needs, a kitchen designed around distinct work stations will make your cooking time more enjoyable and efficient.  Call our design team to learn how we can help you create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.