Last week, we talked about re-modeling kitchens around work stations instead of the out-dated triangle model.  One element that makes work stations more productive is task lighting.

Lighting is one of the most important considerations in kitchen design.  A dimly-lit kitchen makes food preparation difficult and uncomfortable.

There are several ways to provide light to work areas in the kitchen.  Overhead “can” lights in the ceiling can be aimed at specific locations, providing a full, broad swath of light on the countertop or appliances.  These lights are affordable and illuminate the widest area.

Under-cabinet lighting can provide more targeted task lighting in particular areas of the kitchen.  This lighting tends to be brighter and is often delivered via fluorescent lights.  Puck lights can be placed under high cabinets like those above a sink.  Puck lights are very directable and provide a narrow, but bright light.  Small fluorescent fixtures under standard-height cabinets shine on a wider area than puck lights, but are more focused than ceiling lights.  Under-cabinet light fixtures can be hot to the touch and can heat the lowest shelf in your cabinets, so be sure to store non-heat-sensitive items on the shelf directly above the fixtures.

With a mixture of ceiling and under-cabinet lights, kitchen work stations can be pleasant and productive places to prepare food.  Call our design team today to learn how we can incorporate the ideal lighting plan into your new kitchen.