Dining nooks, sometimes called “breakfast nooks” can be a great space-saver in small kitchens or dining areas.  They offer more seating around a larger table than might be possible using a traditional table and chairs.  Dining nooks are a perfect choice for older homes or in an alcove or bay window space.

Dining nooks offer a comfortable place to eat and relax.  The benches or banquettes are typically cushioned – on both the seat and the seat back.  It’s almost like having a sofa in the kitchen!  Seat backs can be built at a more relaxed angle than a standard chair, allowing for more comfortable lounging.  Accent pillows can make a nice complement to the relaxed bench seating and can help shorter people (kids) sit close to the table.

Dining nooks can be square or rounded.  Square bench angles give individual diners more space and fit well with a square table.  Square benches work well with a square or rectangular table and can make the addition of additional chairs opposite the bench a possibility.  Curved benches can provide space for more diners and work best with round tables.

Dining nooks also create brand new storage space in small kitchens.  This storage space can make life a lot easier for owners of small homes.  Adding a hinge to the bench seat allows the entire bench box to become easily accessible storage space.  Alternatively, drawers with toe-kick mechanisms can hold long pans, baking racks and many other large or differently-shaped kitchen tools.

If your kitchen and dining space needs some expansion, consider a dining nook.  They make comfortable, informal gathering places and add vital storage in smaller homes.

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