Kitchen islands are one of the most popular kitchen options today. They can play a major role in the form and function of your kitchen floor plan.  Kitchen islands not only provide workspace and storage – they are also a strong visual element of the design. As you contemplate an island for your kitchen, there are a number of design ideas to consider.


Kitchen islands are often located in the center of the room or as a divider between the kitchen and the dining/living areas in more open floor plans.  If placed in the middle of the room, they create a simple, efficient food preparation.  A central island anchors the room and provides convenient counter space on all directions.  An island located on the edge of an open kitchen can be a great food prep area, but also a great casual dining space and family gathering point.


Islands serve many purposes.  As we design your island, we’ll discuss several questions, including:

  • Would you like to include any installed appliances like a cooktop, dishwasher or sink?  If so, we’ll need to plan for plumbing and electricity for those devices.
  • What type of storage do you want?  Islands can provide significant new storage – especially for large pots and pans or countertop appliances like blenders and food processors.
  • Would you like to include seating?  If so, we’ll increase the size of the countertop and possibly create surfaces on multiple levels – for bar stools or higher chairs.



Your island deserves its own lighting.  It will focus light on your work and showcase this new design feature.  Some options to consider include:

  • Pendant lighting – provides small, intimate pools of light that make an excellent design accent.
  • Recessed lighting – offers a bright and functional space.
  • Single larger light – adds visual appeal and excellent work lighting.


Adding an island to your new kitchen is a significant undertaking.  A new island can transform your kitchen into a family gathering place and a convenient, efficient cooking space.  Let our design team help bring your island dreams to life.