Storage is one of the last things homeowners consider when remodeling a bathroom.  Yet good storage decisions can make the bathroom both functional and elegant.  A little creativity can expand usable space and create a unique look in new bathrooms.

There are three main types or locations for bathroom storage.  The most common places for storage are under the sink, above the toilet and on the other walls of the bathroom.  There are also a couple other secret ways to sneak in extra storage.


A traditional vanity is one of the most frequently-designed storage spaces in the bathroom.  Vanities take advantage of the “dead space” under the sink and provide surface area around the sink.  Creative vanity options include pull-out shelves that can make better use of narrow spaces and open shelves that can give a more contemporary look without compromising storage.


Shelving, especially above the toilet, can range from a simple floating shelf, to a series of shelves stacked vertically, to a recessed shelf wall.  These shelves take advantage of the empty space created by the toilet.  Built-in recessed shelving can also add bright accent colors to lighten the mood in your bathroom.  A non-traditional shelf concept is a narrow ledge or picture rail just above sink height.  This ledge can extend the storage space around the sink for everyday items.  A few pegs underneath the ledge can replace traditional towel bars, too.


Cabinets are another important element of bathroom storage.  The medicine cabinet is the most common form of bathroom cabinet and can be wall-mounted or recessed, depending on the space in the room on the other side of the wall.  Homeowners are increasingly using free-standing cabinets, often stretching to the ceiling to increase their storage options.  Including open shelves, or placing cabinets on top of the bathroom counter can be interesting ways of expanding storage and creating a new look.  If you are imagining a separate bathtub with a surround, consider adding cubbies or tip-outs to take advantage of the space under the surround.

Our design team has years of experience creating unique, functional bathroom storage in our plans.  Give us a call today to start planning your ideal bathroom.