Half-way through 2013, we’ve seen a number of trends gathering steam in our kitchen projects.  Most of these trends are very functional.  Color choices are evolving, too, changing from patterns we’ve seen for the past several years.  Here are the top 4 trends we’ve seen this year.


LED lighting is a big new trend.  These bright, cool lights offer great overall lighting and make excellent under-cabinet task lights.  They are dimmable and best of all, keep your cabinets above from getting hot.  Convection ovens are also increasingly popular.  Integrated video screens in appliances have started appearing, too.  While they are interesting show-pieces, we haven’t seen many being installed in actual kitchens yet.


As smaller kitchens have become more popular, homeowners want as much efficiency in their workspaces as possible.  That has brought a number of new combinations in the kitchen, including faucets with built-in filters, sinks with veggie cleaning accessories, stoves with pot-filler faucets and combination convection ovens/microwaves.  All of these appliances and fixtures are designed to make cooking easier and more efficient.  It’s a trend we like to see.

Material safety

Hypoallergenic properties are increasingly sought-after.  Whether it’s the type of stain used on cabinets or the paint chosen for the wall, families are increasingly making kitchen choices based on the safety of the materials used to build their new kitchens.  One interesting new option are copper sinks.  They are hypo-allergenic and look great, too.


Neutrals are still great colors – and make for better re-sale.  But bold colors are maintaining their popularity in kitchen design.  Appliances are starting to move away from the mandatory stainless steel and back toward colored surfaces.  Black or white appliances are the most popular colors, but other more bold colors are emerging in appliances, as well.  Homeowners are not locked into stainless steel anymore.

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